Pay it Forward

Money is merely a concept, materialized into currency. 

It is a numerical value that somehow defines us, in so many ways.

If numbers are what we need in order to make a difference, then it's up to us to use our natural talents in order to capitalize on ourselves and in turn give back to the community, thus paying it forward.

I hope to increase my numbers and pay it forward using the following systems:



Here I will post different pieces of art that I wish to raffle/auction off in order to donate the proceeds toward charity or other random acts of thoughtfulness.  This will progress over time as I generate more traffic and have better means of reaching as many people as possible.  



If you are looking to partner with me in order to promote a good or service, please inquire here.  Some of the best success comes from having the right connections so it is important to network and join forces in order to make dreams come true!



If you would like to contribute to my pursuit of capturing this planet's beauty, the essence of life and making a positive difference, then donations of any value are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Also available as means of "paying it forward":



Here you may provide feedback or a review of your experience through the course of having personal interaction with me, purchasing an item or simply browsing my site. 



Here I will recognize those who have helped make this site possible.