What it Means to be Human

what it means to be human

Humanity: a gift bestowed upon us by the creator of whatever you choose to believe. 

You can see it as a present that you can embrace, enjoy and respect; or you can see it as burden that you wish to disregard, ridicule or return.

We have been given this ability (and privilege) to explore, experience and live life on this giant playground called Earth.  What you do with it is up to you.

We can immerse ourselves in all it has to offer, with the beauty of Mother Nature and beyond. 

We can stimulate our senses and find exhilaration through many different outlets. 

We can create life, families and everlasting memories. 

Our ingenuity and technological advances have allowed us to create means of transportation to enable these wanderlust pursuits, as well as devices to capture them. 

We can not only preserve these special moments, but we can share them.

Although nature has always been "my happy place," it wasn't until coming to Alaska that I truly reconnected with it and began to understand not only what it meant to be human, but what it meant to have a purpose - a sense of belonging, and a place in this complicated puzzle of life. 

The amount of untouched wilderness and dramatic landscapes provides new perspective and appreciation for the creation of life, all its geological formations, and the evolution of our existence.  Many events took place long before we were here, and now we get to bask in the glory of the artist.  Wildlife roams free in their natural habitat, and weather is very unforgiving - a good wakeup call to who's really in control.

As humans, we all need to respect our land and the opportunities it provides.  It is our sole responsibility to take care of it and prevent additional destruction.  Climate change is very evident in a land where glaciers continue to recede as temperatures grow.  It is important for us to recognize this in order to make positive changes for future civilizations.

With this move I have also experienced an abundance of personal growth.  I have become more considerate, helpful, empathetic and selfless.  It's a place where everyone looks out for each other and offers assistance to those in need. 

I feel more connected to the planet itself and have begun making my own contributions to saving it.  I have become more in tune with myself - not only listening but accommodating to what I need.  My mind, body and soul are refreshed, and I feel more alive than ever. 

We all have different ways of feeling good and indulging in self-care, but how often do you actually treat yourself? 

Go for a walk, take a drive, soak in the bath, listen to music.

Take time for yourself and do what makes you feel good.

Breathe.  Listen.  Relax.  Enjoy. 

Most importantly, don't lose yourself.