Where do you wanna go?

What do you wanna see?

What do you wanna do?

What do you wanna be?

Chase your dreams and ignite the fire.

Complete oneself and fulfill desire.

It's not a race that's easy to run,

But once it's over, you'll known you've won.

Accomplish your goals and follow the path.

Life's not just a game, but some simple math.

Progress forward and continue to build.

Off the hopes you have established, and the success you have willed.

Give it your faith and it will all soon be shown.

It's you in this universe, but never alone.

Let's create a legacy and leave a mark.

There wouldn't be light, if it wasn't for dark. 

There wouldn't be Lewis, there wouldn't be Clark.

So go where you wanna go.

See what you wanna see.

Don't be a wannabe.

Be what you wanna be.

-May 15, 2016

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