"# Numbers #"

Everything that leads me

Everything that guides me

Everything that identifies me

Is all in numbers.

Numbers of money

Numbers of time

Numbers of days

Numbers of mine

I am a series of digits, marked in various ways. 

My life being counted by years, months and days. 

Numbers on a clock, guide us along, 

Through moments of time, and where we belong. 

But I am still here, without all these numbers. 

And I'll have no fear, without all these numbers. 

Because who would we be, without all these numbers?

Where would we flee, without all these numbers?

We would be real, we would be free. 

From limiting our thoughts, of what we could be. 

These numbers of time, and these numbers of money,

Restricting my potential, it's not even funny.

Unleash the beast that lies inside.

To explore this Earth, where we all reside.

For now, it's time for me to slumber.

Hit me up later, you have my number.

- December 1, 2009

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