Not many people can say they've been to Antarctica, which is all the more reason to include it on your bucket list.

It contains about 90% of the world's ice and about 70% of the world's fresh water, being the biggest contributing factor to our ever-rising sea level.

Temperatures can reach as low as -128° F, making it the coldest place on Earth.  Don't let that deceive you though - Antarctica is actually considered a desert, receiving only about 2 inches of snow per year.  It has also reached a record breaking high of 64° F in 2020.

It is extremely powerful, with the ability to heighten your senses, and awaken your emotions.  

It is tranquil and dramatic; majestic and surreal; so strong, yet so fragile.  


Being the most remote and uninhabited continent on the planet makes a trip to this location that much more meaningful. 

The most common form of reaching this land of ice would be via an expedition cruise, however there are other options for flying to the continent itself. 

Most trips would be booked from South America via Ushuaia or Punta Arenas. 

Weather will be the critical factor in this trip's completion, but it is truly an experience you will never forget.


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