Don't Lose Yourself

We all have passions, desires and goals we wish to achieve. 

We also have doubts, hesitations and fears. 

It is often easy to fall into a routine, get comfortable and lose sight of what's really important in life - being true to yourself.

It was not long after coming off cruise ships that I decided I wanted to move to Alaska.  At that time, however, I had some personal matters to take care of and needed to stay in Colorado for a period of time. 

Life happened, and I took a detour from my previous visions and ultimate goals.  I have nobody to blame but myself, and I am glad I was able to have the awakening I did in order to get me back on track. 

During this time, I had stopped adventuring and found myself taking less and less pictures every day.  It was not until my relationship at that time ended, and I decided to take a trip for myself. 

Not only was I reminded of how beautiful nature is, but I was also reminded of my purpose in life and what I needed to do in order to fulfill it.

I had found myself again, and this time nothing would stop me from seeing my dreams through.

rainbow black canyon gunnison don't lose yourself

This photo was taken in Gunnison, Colorado on September 10, 2020 (my birthday) during this much needed trip!  This moment spoke to my soul and reignited my fire. 

It was shortly thereafter that I decided to take another trip, this time an extended journey through the American Southwest. 

It was on that road trip that I really enjoyed the solitude, exploration and freedom of the open road. 

I decided at that point this is something I need to be able to do full-time, and so, I began brainstorming my next big move.