A limestone outcrop of just 2.6 miles, this British territory has many forms of entertainment to fill your day.  

With the only wild monkey population in all of Europe, you can easily be greeted by swarms of them when making your way to the Rock of Gibraltar. 

Be aware they can be aggressive towards loose objects and/or food so it's best to keep all your belongings securely fastened - this includes hats and sunglasses!

You can either drive, take a cable car or walk the Mediterranean steps which all take you 1,400 ft in elevation to the top. 

The St. Michaels Caves is along the way and offers a network of different limestone formations and color.

Once at the top, you may choose to explore the Siege Tunnels, where solid limestone was dug out by the British in the 18th century during the Great Siege of Gibraltar in order to prevent Spain and France from capturing the country.

Gibraltar sits at the inlet to the Mediterranean Sea in between Europe and Africa.  This also presents a great opportunity to catch a ferry to Morocco, which you can also see from the island. 



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