This third world country will not only give you a full dose of culture shock, but will leave you feeling enlightened and awakened to the struggles of other civilizations. 

It was originally a location I wasn't sure if I wanted to explore based on how "dumpy" it looked, however to this day is definitely one of my favorite experiences and top contenders for where you can really get a good wake up call to the differences in lifestyles and what many people tend to take for granted. 

For a true cultural experience, you may choose to purchase seafood that is prepared right off the shore, browse one of the many markets, or perhaps take a journey to the largest and most populous city (and capital) of Phnom Penh.

It is truly a place that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. 

What better time than now?


For anyone interested in immersing themselves in culture or "people watching," the markets offer a great opportunity to get a first-hand look into everyday life as well as many amazing photo ops! 

I definitely gained a new appreciation for people and capturing them in their element during these excursions! 

Can you tell?


The main airport in Cambodia will be in Phnom Penh (PNH).  From there, you can take local transportation as you begin your exploration. 

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The easiest way to get around in Cambodia is via local transit (car hire, scooter, tuk-tuk or bus)




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