"Rollercoaster of Life"

The roller coaster of life awaits you on a journey within.

Are you ready to buckle up, are you ready to begin?

We welcome all shapes and sizes,

For when one has fallen, another one rises.

Hop right in, sit by my side.

Together we'll go, on this wild and crazy ride.

So just let go, you have to trust.

Before we all end up, back to dust.

Every decision takes a risk to make.

Every risk creates a reward to take.

The opportunity to experience, the experience to live.

We are all meant to share, we are all meant to give.

So I welcome you now, to your new favorite ride.

It's time to find out, who will join and who will hide.

Once we give in and let our hearts lead,

We'll see the difference between what we want, and what we need.

We'll all be there, together at the end.

Through every single twist, turn and bend.

For this ride is one that doesn't have a price.

It's a free for all, on this roller coaster called life. 

- October 20, 2021

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