foreign currency collection

From a very young age I have always had a fascination with money. 

The designs, textures, colors and overall purpose. 

It never mattered how much it was worth, but what it represented: Freedoms, choices and impact.  

It has been my priority to collect at least one note from every new country I visit.  They make great souvenirs and really provide an interesting perspective to the possibilities in life.

A life ruled by numbers.

The amount of money one person can generate is limitless, yet it limits us in almost every decision we make.

How can something so uncontrolled, be so controlling? 

We stockpile it out of greed, fear or egotistical reasons. 

But what is the point of "making money" if you're not going to use it? 

This is where the true power lies.

It's time to push the limits and show society that when we all come together, we can accomplish great things.  

Hypothetically speaking, one penny per person can equate to millions of dollars and priceless changes for humanity and the world we live in.

It is not my goal to "make money" but actually "pay it forward." 

Karma is always watching and what goes around, comes around.

I am not looking for a penny, or a dollar or any amount in particular.  I am looking to make change, (no pun intended) by using strength in numbers.

This means contributions will go towards allowing me to grow in my craft, but also incorporating random acts of thoughtfulness and giving back to the community along the way.

If you would like to support me in my quest, then please feel free to contribute whatever you feel reasonable. 

It will not go unnoticed, and I assure you it will come back around, one way or another.