What goes around, comes around!

Published on 20 March 2023 at 16:02

We've all heard it before, "what goes around, comes around."  As cliche as it might be, it is 100% legitimate, both figuratively and literally.  It might seem like a simple concept, but implementing it and truly living by it is where it really gets tricky.

What it really comes down to is doing the right thing, when nobody is watching.  It is easy to be in a moment in which you know you are alone or can easily get away with something, and while you may think you get away with it, someone is always watching.   

Everyone has different beliefs when it comes to spirituality/religion but as long as we can agree that there is a higher power, the concept remains the same.  How you choose to honor or worship this concept is entirely up to you.  Fate, karma and luck all work hand in hand through this higher power and once you begin a process of experimenting, you will start to understand exactly how it works and thus cracking the code to life! 

So what is the code?

Based on personal experience, I have found that any gesture that has good intent behind it, will in turn be rewarded with a good gesture back.  This may not be an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, but rather just something falling in your lap.  Winning a raffle, meeting someone special, avoiding an accident etc.  Most of the time you won't even recognize it or connect it back to anything that happened previously, but once you start monitoring these events, you will soon start to notice a real trend. 

It is also worth mentioning that you cannot just do good things with the expectation that good will come back.  It has to be a natural occurrence in which an opportunity presents itself and you choose to do what's right, regardless of any repercussions. 

We all have our own forms of good luck and I believe that by doing genuinely good things for others, you will see that you suddenly seem to have better luck yourself.   The type of "luck" you wish for is up to you.

On the flip side, if/when you do something that you know is not morally correct or could be handled differently, misfortune will find its way back to you in various ways.  Maybe you'll get a flat tire, maybe someone will steal your wallet, maybe you will slip on the ice.  What matters is how you interpret these moments of "bad luck" because odds are, you are just getting in return what you put out there.

It may not be an easy concept to come to terms with, but once you actively start monitoring your behaviors and actions, you will see where there is room for improvement and can begin working on breaking old habits, in order to better your self, your life and your overall level of happiness. 

It's time to let the good go around, and see the good come back around!

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