What better time than now?

Published on 21 June 2022 at 12:40

How often do you find yourself thinking that you need to do something, and end up telling yourself "I'll do it later, tomorrow, next week..." etc.?

How often do you actually end up accomplishing what you said you would do? More importantly, how often do you even remember that you told yourself you would do it?

Many factors play into our memory, ambition and priorities but it is up to you to control these challenges.

You may get distracted, lose motivation or simply forget.  But odds are, it is something you actually wanted to do, and could have benefited from completing it.

In order to make sure you follow through with your ideas, there is one question you may want to ask yourself when deciding to put it off. 

That question is: "What better time than now?"

The instant this thought or idea enters your brain, why not set aside a few minutes to actually get it done - in that exact moment. 

Whether it is something as simple as doing the dishes, researching or gaining knowledge on something that just sparked your interest, recording a philosophical thought you had, or even beginning a project.

We cannot finish something until we start it, therefore it is important to take that first step.  Granted, there will be times that it is logistically or physically impossible to actually accomplish what you have the idea to do, however there are means of taking note of it, so that you can be reminded of it later.  

Pulling yourself out of this "I'll do it later" mindset will be difficult, but once you see the results and satisfaction it brings, it becomes easier and more routine than ever.  

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