Wildlife Viewing

Alaska offers an abundance of amazing wildlife and viewing experiences of all kinds. 

Hop on a boat for a whale watching tour, take a seaplane to Katmai National Park for up-close bear viewing, visit the Wildlife Conservation Center outside of Anchorage, or simply drive around as a variety of animals are sure to cross your path! 

Valdez, AK is known for its wildlife viewing, especially during the salmon run.  Many bears and sea otters frequent the harbor as they binge on all the salmon returning to their breeding grounds.  Many bald eagles are also in this location as well as puffins and other unique birds. 

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This is an exciting and memorable experience for all ages. 

Many different whale species exist in the Alaskan waters and being able to get close enough to see one breach, feed, or simply flash its tail leaves a lasting impression for many years to come. 

In order to get the best viewing experience, it is suggested to book a tour, which are available throughout the state.


Adorable yet fierce, getting to see a bear in the Alaskan wilderness is quite an exhilarating experience! 

Normally spotted roaming around the forests and streams, they do make occasional appearances in cities, and you really never know when one might just happen to cross your path. 

Although they generally do not pose a threat to humans, it is highly advisable to carry bear spray at all times.  Never approach a bear and use extra caution if a cub or food is ever involved. 

In addition to viewing them in their natural habit they are also featured at different wildlife conservation centers and zoos. 

During the salmon run, there are many tour operators that specialize in up-close viewing of these majestic creatures as they feed off the rivers full of fish. 

This is a great opportunity to see an abundance of them, observing their individual personalities and leaving with photos of a lifetime!


Located about an hour south of Anchorage is the Conservation Center and a good way to see a variety of Alaskan wildlife. 

Although there is no guarantee to how active the animals might be, the natural scenery provides a great backdrop for photos.


Alaska offers plenty of wildlife for everyone's viewing pleasure. 

From land, sea and air it's nearly impossible to take a journey without spotting at least one of these creatures along the way!